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Whose Sample Is This Really?

Toxlok™: Prevent Substitution and Adulteration

Urine samples are genetically matched to the patient preventing attempts to cheat the test.

Our proprietary technology matches 44 SNPs, 3 gender markers, and 5 copy number controls.

Highly accurate with less than 1 in 1 billion chance for false ID.

The Details

Urine substitution products are readily available to patients looking to cheat their drug test. New techniques to beat drug tests are invented every day are good enough to fool even an observed collection. To ensure sample integrity, ToxLok™ uses DNA markers from the patient and matches them with the urine sample provided. ToxLox™ is specific enough to differentiate between family members. Stop worrying and start using ToxLok™ today to protect your practice!

Changing the World. One Test at a Time.

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