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Together at InSource

We are scientists. We are philanthropists.
Our actions change the world ONE Test at a Time.

We are passionate about science, which makes it easy for our diverse team to share our common vision. Together, we get results, we laugh hard, we solve problems as a team, and we give back to the community. With a growing team of over 150 employees, we invite you to see what make us, well, us!

Our Mission

Science can free you from the mediocrity that the current healthcare system has forced upon you. We invest in technology that patients want and the medical community needs. We will always value quality above profits because we understand our results could change your life. We believe every life can change the world.

Be Progressive

Thinking forward and creatively to be a pioneer in the laboratory and healthcare industry.

Be Passionate

Show what you're made of and what you care about.

Be Helpful

Focus on the needs of the client and strive to give them the best possible experience.

Be Scientific

Challenge the status quo in the laboratory industry and look for exciting new developments.

Be Ethical

Live with integrity, honesty and morality to be the standard that others strive to be.

Be Charitable

Always give back to the community to make a better life for others. Be kind and respectful to others.

Meet the Founders

Sky Countryman

Chief Executive Officer

Sky Countryman is one of the co-founder and CEO of InSource Diagnostics. He obtained his undergraduate from Western Washington University. Prior to InSource Diagnostics, Mr. Countryman served 16 years of experience in separation science with over 100 publications. He has lectured worldwide on separation science and was formerly a consultant and trainer with U.S. Pharmacopeia. He is in the clinical chemistry community and is the board member of the Southern California Section of AACC.

Michael Rummel

Chief Operating Officer

Michael Rummel is one of the co-founders and Chief Operations Officer of InSource Diagnostics. He obtained his undergraduate from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Prior to InSource Diagnostics, Mr. Rummel served in various capacities in separation science with Phenomenex, starting in Sales as Sample Prep Specialist and Automation Field Specialist then later to Sample Preparation Product Manager. With his 11 years of experience in separation science, he published 25 publications. His expertise is in lab automation, sample preparation and LC-MS assay development. Supported method development and method validation at many of the largest clinical laboratories throughout the U.S.

Erik Kwak

Chief Business Officer, Director of Sales

Eric Kwak is one of the co-founders and Chief Business Officer of InSource Diagnostics. He obtained his undergraduate from James Madison University. Prior to InSource Diagnostics, Mr. Kwak served 11 years in separation science at Phenomenex as Account Manager. He worked with laboratories in the U.S., Canada, Asia, and Europe to improve testing methodologies.

National Presence: Local Lab Service

Changing the World. One Test at a Time.

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