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Alternative Names
  • Fentanil
  • Abstral
  • Actiq
  • Duragesic
  • Durogesic
  • Fentora
  • Haldid
  • Innovar
  • Instanyl
  • Ionsys
  • Lazanda
  • Matrifen
  • Onsolis
  • Sublimaze
  • Norfentanyl

Test Code: 5805

CPT: *CPT code billed is based upon cumlative number of drug classes ordered. See Reverse Side of Compliance Monitoring Form (FORM-ISD-00059) For Additional Information
Tests Included Fentanyl
Use Compliance Monitoring
Clinical Utility Determine therapeutic use, abuse, or diversion
Intended Patient Population Any 
Patient Preparation None
Sample Oral Fluid
Collection Device Quantisal®
Sample Volume  Indicator Window Full
Min Sample Volume N/A
Reference Ranges Fentanyl; 4 ng/mL
Norfentanyl; ≥ 4 ng/mL
Analytical Measurement Range Fentanyl; 0.5 - 50 ng/mL
Norfentanyl; 0.5 - 50 ng/mL
Critical Values None
Units ng/mL 
Test Methodology Definitive, LC/MS/MS
Test Turnaround Time 7 Days
Limitations None
Shipping Ambient
Detection Window N/A
Specimen Stability ≥ 7 days RT
Laboratory Developed Test (LDT) Yes
CMS Guidance LCD L36668
References None