Alternative Names
  • Na
  • Na+
  • Testosterone-Estradiol Binding Globulin
  • Testosterone-binding Globulin

Test Code: 4518

CPT: 84295
Tests Included Sodium
Use Used to detect and monitor dehydration, excess fluid (edema), and diseases with related symptoms.
Clinical Utility Sodium is an electrolyte present in all body fluids and is vital to normal body function, including nerve and muscle function. It helps cells function normally and helps regulate the amount of fluid in the body Hyponatremia - Losing too much sodium, most commonly from conditions such as diarrhea, vomiting, excessive sweating, use of diuretics, kidney disease or low levels of cortisol, aldosterone and sex hormones (Addison disease) Hypernatremia - is almost always caused by losing too much water (dehydration) without drinking enough water. In rare cases, it may be due to increased salt intake without enough water, Cushing syndrome, or a condition caused by too little ADH called diabetes insipidus.
Intended Patient Population 18+ and Older Adult Males & Females
Patient Preparation None Specified
Sample Serum, Plasma
Tube Red, Green, Tiger
Volume 4mL Whole Blood (1mL Serum/Plasma)
Min Sample Volume 0.1 mLs
Reference Ranges M & F ≥ 18 yrs old; 136-145 mEq/L
Analytical Measurement Range 50-200 mEq/L
Critical Values < 120 or > 160 mmol/L- Check Units
Units mEq/L
Test Methodology Quantitative Ion-Selective Electrode
Test Turnaround Time 1 Day
Limitations None Specified
Shipping Requirements Refrigerated
Specimen Stability 7 Days RT
2 Days RF
Reject Criteria Icterus, Hemolysis
Laboratory Developed Test (LDT) Yes
CMS Guidance None
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