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Patient-Friendly Testing

We have invested in solutions that improve the patient blood draw experience. Droplet micro blood sampling will eliminate the pain and the fear associated with a traditional blood draw. A phlebotomist is not required and these devices are ideal for children, elderly, and special needs patients. Imagine getting your blood collected in the comfort of your own home.

Droplet™ Micro Blood Sampling

  • Patients who fear needles
  • Anyone with difficult to draw veins
  • When it is important to draw the least possible amount of blood
  • No Needles. Less Blood. Same Results.


  • 23-gauge needles makes it easier to find small veins in women, children, and the elderly
  • Butterfly needle design reduces the movement of the needle during the collection and the potential for bruising
  • Allows for multiple tests to be done on the same sample
  • No Needles. Less Blood. Same Results.

Changing the World. One Test at a Time.

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