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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Am I Being Tested?

State and Federal guidelines strongly recommended routine testing for any patient being treated with an opiod for more than 90 days. Routine testing helps identify abuse that could jeopardize the physician's license to practice. The office does not discriminate based on gender, age, or race so the policy is to test everyone. NOTE: It is important to tell your physician all medications you are taking because they can cause unsafe reactions with your pain medications.

Are My Results Kept Confidential?

Yes. All results are only provided to the rendering physician in accordance with HIPAA guidelines.

What Should I Expect?

On the day of testing, you will be asked to provide a urine or saliva sample. Be sure to check with the office staff before using the restroom as failure to provide a sample might delay your prescription. The point-of-care cup will detect specific drug classes that can be used by the physician to make on the spot prescribing decisions. The cup is sealed for security and shipped to the lab for more complex testing and confirmation. Your physician will discuss any unexpected results during your next visit.

What Type of Laboratory Testing is Done at the Laboratory?

InSource Diagnostics uses LC/MS/MS technology to identify a wide range of medications at part per billion levels. This advanced technology eliminates false readings that are observed on point-of-care devices. The sample will also be checked for evidence of tampering or adulteration. Never attempt to alter your sample in any way as it could cause delays in re-filling your medications.

How Often Will I Be Tested?

Some states have mandated the testing frequency, but your physician will determine the appropriate amount of testing to support your treatment plan.

How Much Does It Cost?

InSource Diagnostics will bill your insurance provider directly. Coverage is specific to your healthcare policy and will be explained on your Explanation of Benefits (EOB). The EOB is not a bill. If you receive a bill, please call and speak with our Billing Department before making a payment or calling your physician. Our specialists will determine if our Financial or Medical Hardship programs can be applied to reduce the outstanding balance.

Billing Questions?

Please contact the InSource Diagnostics billing department at (626) 386-5277

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