CDC CERTIFIED yet again for Vitamin D!

Justin Wotring
InSource Diagnostics, 231W Chestnut Ave, Monrovia, CA 91016, USA 

Our Sensieva Vitamin D Assay is officially certified by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) under their Vitamin D Standardization Program for the 2nd straight year!! This puts us yet again in an elite group of laboratories that are able to consistently meet the CDCs strict acceptance criteria.  In order to become certified, we were required to successfully complete 4 challenges over the past year and meet an overall bias goal of ± 5.0% and an imprecision (reproducibility) goal of ≤ 10.0%. We blew these numbers away with a bias of 3.2% and imprecision of 5.3%!!!  The CDCs criteria is already very tight even for larger volumes of blood, and we're doing this with only 20 microliters of serum!!!  Great job Lab Team, and special shoutout to Sarah Jochum for the extraction and analysis of these samples!

Evaluation Report from the CDC for InSource.

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