Giving something personal and fun to a 9-year old cancer patient

by Rachel Morgan, Office Manager

As the parent of a special needs child I am acutely aware of the struggles that these children face and the impact that it has on their families.

Gabriel Oropeza age 9 was diagnosed with Osteo-Sarcoma (bone cancer) earlier this year.  He has undergone several surgeries and several rounds of chemo therapy. He underwent an above the knee amputation of his right leg early in May 2016.

The family has encountered many financial and emotional hurdles during his long treatment process and the community has rallied around them to offer support.

"We are beyond grateful, and words can't describe the overwhelming gratitude we feel for all of you that continue praying for us and donating generously. We truly feel the love, the support, the generosity and we pray that all of you will be blessed in your everyday lives as we have been through this new journey thus far."

Jessica Oropeza
Gabriel's Mom

Knowing that InSource Diagnostics is very committed to giving back to causes that are important to their employees; I approached Sky, Michael and Eric about Lil Gabe.  I wanted to do something for Lil Gabriel something personal. I asked his parents and they told me that he gets very tired after his chemo treatments and he had mentioned getting a little TV for his bedroom but the family couldn’t afford it. This was perfect! InSource Diagnostics purchased a TV and a Wii so that his siblings could enjoy with him.

"Amazing! That would be great! I know he would love that. Thank you sooo much!"

Gabriel Oropeza
Gabriel's Dad

Thank you, Sky, Michael and Eric for your kindness and generosity towards someone you didn’t even know but you knew that he was important to me. It was an amazing feeling to deliver this gift on your behalf and I was very proud to be one of your employees. The look on his face was priceless!

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