"We understand that each clinic has unique and personalized needs and so we've made it our mission to provide a boutique level of technical and customer support unmatched in the industry."

Eric Kwak
Chief Business Officer

About InSource Diagnostics

Who we are

I'm sure you have had many different labs try to earn your business. Here is what makes InSource Diagnostics different:


All managing partners are scientists and understand what it takes to produce high quality results, not just profits. Don't trust your practice to a lab run by profit-hungry businessmen.

Customer Service

Your success and satisfaction is our most important business metric. Everyone on our team is deeply committed to making sure that you have the best experience.


It's unfortunate, but there are many companies engaging in illegal or unethical business practices. InSource Diagnostics actively maintains and enforces a Laboratory Compliance Program exceeding OIG standards, and we have retained the best legal council to make sure we keep your practice out of trouble.


We love what we do and it shows! We are on a mission to revolutionize the way clinical testing is done!


Our R&D team is constantly developing new tests to help you treat your patients. From new drug classes to novel sampling techniques, we are out to change the way testing is done.


We are actively involved in the communities where we do business. And we encourage our employees to get personally involved in causes that are meaningful to them.

Our Mission

Founded by Scientists | Passionate about Service

InSource Diagnostics was founded by three scientists with a more than 35 years of combined experience in developing and optimizing laboratory methodologies. We started the company with the lofty goal of redefining how clinical diagnostic testing is done. We are challenging the status quo and using new and innovate technologies to improve the customer experience, while maintaining the same high quality result.


Our Commitment

  • To Physicians: To provide accurate results, rapid turnaround time, and exemplary customer service
  • To Patients: To maintain control of your specimen, keep your results confidential, and to be fair with our billing and collection practices
  • To Our Employees: To provide a fun and exciting workplace, to challenge each employee to grow, and to reward performance and loyalty
  • To Our Community: To give back to those less fortunate and help strengthen the communities that we do business in

"Your success is our most important metric! Let us do what other labs have only promised, and I guarantee you will immediately recognize what sets us apart."

Sky Countryman